Excel Tip – Create A Date Time Stamp In Excel With VBA

One of the most frequent questions I get asked about Excel is how to date and timestamp an Excel worksheet. There is a solution in the form of a formula as below- =IF(B1<>"",IF(A1="",NOW(),A1),"") This formula will deliver a timestamp, but has some restrictions which include having to change the iteration settings if the work book is sent [...]

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Generate Date-Time for Podcast, Vodcast, or RSS Feed from Microsoft Office

The RSS date/time format is a pain to create if you are building the XML for your RSS feed in a text editor. To make things simple, I created a single line of VBA code [...]

The BEST Dating Time Line – How to Avoid the Most Common Dating Disaster

Have you been the victim of a hit and run love affair? You know the type: A quick burning, intense attraction that seemed to have "oh so much" potential but instead it [...]